International & Domestic Shipments with an expanding fleet of IL-76s, AN-26s, AN-24, we offer the following services for transport within Sudan and regions in Africa, Middle East etc. The high frequency of domestic market served by our services as we put forward…
Priority Solutions, Domestic Pick-up and Delivery Service, Offering Pick-Up & Delivery service on a system-wide basis. Through our partnership with other logistic companies, we provide door-to-door service in an expanded network of International cities.


Adding to the above whether you're a collegiate team or a group of business professionals we have the services for Passenger flights as customer services section for domestic & international charters. Our charter services offer you the convenience of a customized schedule and exclusive use of State-of-the-art aircraft.


Alfa Airlines SD is a multidisciplinary aviation services company in the sense that we are able to offer our clients a variety of aviation services in order to cover the broad markets within the region and that meet our customers varying needs. Because of this strength we are pleased to offer our clients services that match both our experience and our customer's needs in a timely yet reliable fashion. Safety and customer satisfaction are our aim and we aim and we aim high. Our core business is focused on several key areas that are driven by customer needs that will bring success in the market place. Because of our extensive experience we are able to provide smooth, reliable and safe service in the following areas and at competitive rates, are services are as follows:

Dry Lease:

Any agreement in which a lessor, (which could be an air carrier, bank, or leasing company) Leases an aircraft without flight crewmembers to an air carrier (the lessee), i;1nd in which the lessee maintains operational control.

ACMI Wet Lease:


Any agreement in which a lessor leases an aircraft , with at least one pilot Flight crew member and includes Aircraft hire, crew salaries, crew work permits, maintenance, spare kits, third party liability insurance.

Charter Leasing:

Options ranging from part lease to fully inclusive aircraft hire - ACMI Wet lease, air navigation, en-route, landing, parking, crew accommodation and ground handling.

Lessor Responsibilities:


•Aircraft: cargo or passenger configured, appropriate Certificate of Air Worthiness under an Air Operator's Certificate and ready for service.

•Crews: licensed/properly scheduled for contracted rotations/work permits.

•Maintenance: routine line maintenance at all stations/light, regular A and B checks/ Heavy C and D checks contracted with third party and all materials / Materials handling / hanger space / manpower / spare parts kit.

•Insurance: third party liability/aircraft hull insurance.

Lessee Responsibilities (normally AOC holder)


•Schedules: routing, flight numbers, frequency, slots.

•Flight Chargers: en-route, air navigation, air traffic control, over flight, landing fees, airport handling charges.

•Crew Support: catering, accommodation, transfers.

•Flight Operations: dispatch, flight plan filling, weather, over flight approvals, crew brief and NOTAMs, fuel supply.

•Aircraft Service: exterior and interior cleaning, toilet service, waster service, cooling and heating.

•Fuel: arranging of fuelling and fuel, defuel chargers, oil.

•Ramp Handling: supervision, marshalling, parking, on-load and off-load of cargo and equipment, stairs, ground power unit, pushback.

•Cargo Handling: pallets and nets, pallet or container build up and breakdown, special equipment, documentation

•Insurance: third party liability and aircraft hull insurance.


Full Aircraft Chartering


When scheduled air service does not meet your needs or your cargo is to large or needs to be somewhere in a given time, a charter flight is often the perfect solution. Whether you require a cargo or passenger aircraft, we can get what you need fast! You choose the destinations, the schedule, the aircraft Alfa Airlines SD will do the rest. Travelers can have exclusive use of the aircraft throughout their entire itinerary.

Aviation Consulting Services


•The analysis and development of single or multiple flight programs based upon client requirements.

•Aircraft acquisition and procurement feasibility studies.

•Assistance in obtaining Aircraft Operating Certificates.

•Assistance in the start up and managing a regional airline or cargo operation within the continent.

•Brokerage services to assure smooth transition for over flights, landing permits and all royalties.

•Maintenance Inspection of aircraft.

•Procurement of Spare Parts.

•Hiring and Training of personnel for flight operations.

•Validating Type Ratings for Pilots, Co-Pilots and Engineers.

•Implementation of Maintenance Inspection Programs.

•The sourcing and contracting of suitable aircraft to perform transportation tailored to the specific requirements of the client.

•Contract price analysis to insure a competitive pricing structure to enhance program success.

•Charter contract analysis insuring that reasonable terms and conditions are made applicable to the aircraft movement.

•Assistance with government regulatory filing requirements.

•Assistance with financial bonding and escrow requirements.






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