Alfa Airlines SD takes great pleasure in introducing its services to you, through its profile which explores our policy in the Aviation field in Sudan. Alfa is a private company, established and registered in Sudan, under the companies Act of 1925, on the 18th of February 2002 Recent economics has placed tremendous strain on the global logistics industries. Keeping a vision of the existing situation our priority is still your satisfaction. We do understand that every customer has diverse requirement as per their state of affairs, so when we say, our target is to meet our customer requirements, we mean it by providing customized services, accurate timing, with a very flexible negotiable rate.


Alfa Airlines SD is the next generation of aircraft charter and we specialize in aircraft chartering, leasing and passenger travel worldwide. Through our industry knowledge and highly dedicated team, we are able to understand our customer's needs and provide cost effective solutions in a short period of time. This knowledge, which is essential in the aviation consulting business, has enabled us to establish a strong customer base and provide a variety of services without compromising the quality of service that we are providing.


Our company was founded by aviation industry professionals on the premise that there was a market in the charter industry that requires intensive support, extensive knowledge and personalized single point of contact, and detailed customer service. Alfa Airlines SD does not aspire to have the largest customer base, but to be known as the single source for logistical support, advice and negotiation services for those seeking exceptional air charter transportation. Alfa Airlines SD's staff is comprised solely of industry experts with both formal training in aviation as well as hands on experience.


Our management staff consists of our Chief Executive Officer, Airline General Manager, Operations Manager, Maintenance Manager, Commercial Manager and other relevant operations staff with stations in various strategic locations of our operations.


Alfa Airlines SD is a successful aviation enterprise by building on the following strengths and Capabilities:


•Capacity to consistently meet client's financial and operational demands, such as aircraft leasing, flight and cabin crew training, and technical and operational support.


•Expertise in creatively structuring and financing aircraft transactions throughout the world.


•Efficiency in the operational, technical, financial and legal management of all aviation assets.


•Qualified and well-balanced staff with a broad experience base, combining both domestic and international airline professionalism with creative financial and legal expertise.




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